Roof Replacement Project

This house was built in 1935, and topped with a slate roof. There have been signs appearing over the past few years that the roof was no longer doing its job of keeping out the elements. The signs included sections of plaster disintegrating and water stains on the ceiling of 1st floor rooms. When I inspected the roof, I could see problems as well as signs of previous repairs.

The house has five different roof surfaces with slate tiles, and I will be tackling each section separately as time and weather permits. Each section will have a separate page and description of the work performed, which can be accessed by clicking on the links to the right.

One thing that stood out to me was how many holes had eroded through the slate - I wonder if this is an indicator of slightly acidic rain in the DC Metropolitan Area. Rather than try to weave in numerous new slate tiles, I decided to rip off the slate and replace them with regular shingles. While I would have loved to kept the roof as slate, the high cost of slate and its faux alternatives rule out that option.

Project Table Of Contents:


Section #1

Section #2