Light Townhouse Rehab - Project #6, Week #5

With week #5, the destruction is over and the cleaning is moving along. Last week, you saw how the utility room was brightened up by painting the walls with Drylock sealer. This week, we scrubbed the floor of the utility room with TSP, and mop-rinsed it twice. Two coats of satin "battleship gray" concrete paint bought at Wal-Mart were applied. The first coat was thinned per the instructions on the label - one pint of water per gallon - to act as a primer. After 48 hours, a second coat was applied and the floor really looked good. After another 48 hours, we started moving the appliances back into the utility room. It's looking pretty nice!

With the utility room done, the same floor cleaning process was started on the main section of the basement. So far, we have done the TSP scrub and a single rinse. Next visit out, the second rinse will be done.

Upstairs, we scrubbed all the walls with TSP and followed them up with a rinse. We came back 2 days later and swept, vacuumed and primed the floors with Kilz oil-based primer. Oh, we also removed every last staple we could find so that we were working with a "clean slate". If you are a landlord (or even a homeowner) and have the opportunity while the carpet is up, go ahead and seal up the subfloor. That way, any future spills can't soak into the wood. Here's a shot of the "Left" bedroom after the floors were done:

You may notice the doors leaned up against the wall in the picture above - we took all of them off their hinges to make it easier to seal the floors. This also leads to the PITA part of floor-sealing. You need to move everything out of the room where you are sealing the floor. For example, the upstairs toilets are stored now in the "right" bedroom.

In the master bathroom, the Tilex did the trick with removing the mildew that had formed. Now, by sealing the floor with Kilz, it should prevent it from ever coming back. In the picture below, you can see that we have only rolled out the Kilz so far. Next week, we will come back through with the brush and "cut in" closer to the shower stall and walls.

In the main bathroom, we found that the lower section of the fiberglass tub could be delflected inward to expose more subfloor. We pinned it back with a few nails so that we can get the primer underneath and beyond where the edge normally rests. Again, we will come back and cut this in with brushes. We didn't want to slip with the roller and get Kilz on the tub!

Here's a shot of the master bedroom, with the floor all sealed up.

With the upstairs floors sealed, the process of staple removing, sweeping and vacuuming was repeated downstairs. Here's my younger son and future NFL player, Casey, earing his allowance by cleaning the living room.

And the same room after the floors were sealed:

The same process was repeated in the kitchen and dining area. Behind all the junk in the dining area, you can see that the section of subfloor that we removed last week is still out. Next week, we will section in a new piece and seal it as well.

Finally, here is an update on the backyard that we replanted in week #2. The grass is coming in nicely and may actually require to be mowed soon. We have purposely avoided walking on the new grass so far, but we will need to soon so that we can get to scrubbing off or pressure washing the siding.

That's it for week #5 of the project. Come on back next week for another update!

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