Light Condo Rehab - Project #5

Well, here we go again! This is not really our typical rehab scenario, where we buy a property that needs a bunch of work from the get-go. Rather, this is a rental condo that we have owned since 1997 and have done little to besides the normal repairs and upkeep a rental property requires. The condo went vacant in mid-September, and I knew that we would need to install new carpet and paint the place. However, once we got looking at the property closer it became apparent that it was time for more than just a coat a paint. Follow along as we try to get this property in shape so that a new tenant can move in during November!

For this project, I'm going to switch things up a bit...instead of presenting the work as it was performed, each sub-project will have it's own dedicated page. Click on the links to the right to view each project page:

First off, here is the floorplan of the unit: